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Omnipresence at the Train Yards

The light from the Sun drapes my skin in warmth,
Yet the still, cold air is enough to remind me that
Monsters hide in the open when they know simple
Boys won't walk with ease into empty stone vaults.

Untold were the many years this earth stood witness
To none but residual remorse of a vagrant lantern.

The scene above is not the same as in my memory.

I had once stolen a glance to the sky to tell myself
That greater good lay atop the tower, but its shape
Is nowhere found in outskirts of this human outpost.

The signs of heavenly vestige now muted in shade:
Everything that was once blue has been bleached
Into the sickly white complex of bereavement.

The color has faded from the grass and trees
To leave behind ghostly echoes of a planet
That retained relics of a rich history.

I know that I left my body behind when tired eyes
First caught glimpse of the infernal glow beyond the doors.
In my heart I could hear that red din urging me to turn back,
But the muffled cries of tales most tall

Overrode all anxiety could intuit and beckoned
Me past the border where most dare not tread.

I'm no wise man who lives by calculated risk, inaction.

I knew that these old beasts were left here abandoned
They were conceded to open estates of entombment
When the spark which drove their veins was no longer
The catalyst needed to guide mammoth teeth into wilderness.

Those carts could not yield their cargo in barrens.
These giants were taken here to suffer some long, cruel death
While the rain stole their luster and ate at their flesh in waves.

They were left here to die like diseased dogs.

I can feel compromised skin beneath my fingers
And this tissue speaks to me of such purposes
That no living soul could hazard to ratify.

I don't know if they bolted these beams into
The unkempt floor for this specific reason.

No one would toe these lines, I knew that.

Such tight circles leading nowhere but an end
Back upon its body in an endless twist of fate.

Such a mentor as my shadow led me to believe
That our village was all that was left of once was
A miraculous field of blinding lights now silent in
The wake of this dead world.

I did not step inside the bodies, as was taught.
I saw such truth that day and never went back.

I knew it was still there, a haunting reminder.

I saw its sneering face between the hulking masses.
I knew that somewhat human meant nothing
But danger in its wicked veneer.

The demon didn't track my steps back home.
It stood there in the median and stood aghast
That any chosen child could fear him
In the presence of irrefutable revelation.

The old creature must have known that
It made no sense to track the lost back
To where they all gather.

It did no good to eat oneself alive.

The old creature must have known that
There was nothing waiting with open arms in

The land of common men.

The cold hard truth,
Bitter and sweet,
Though I can't touch them, see them,
They are there, silent.
They listen,
Silent though, they listen.

- The Human Abstract - "A Dead World At Sunrise"

SovereignSin Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student Writer
"I had once stolen a glance to the sky to tell myself
That greater good lay atop the tower, but its shape
Is nowhere found in outskirts of this human outpost."

In my eyes, that was the most powerful stanza in this piece. Something about it just clicked with me, because I can't even begin to imagine how many times I've felt the same.

Found you in the Literature Experiment thread, and I'm glad I did. Loved this poem.
nazcapilot Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you so very much for your kind words, my friend. I'm glad that you were able to connect with some aspect of my poem. It made my day to read your feedback! Thanks again for all that you've said. It's all greatly appreciated. :hug:
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